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Her – Movie Review

“Her” Trailer:


It’s amazing. Incredible acting, directing, and story. Go see it.


This is by far the best love story I’ve seen in a long time. And I’m a suck for love stories so really it’s no surprise I loved Her. Right from the start, it brings you into the story and makes you identify with Theodore.

Theodore is a lonely writer that tries out a new operating system. Theodore and Sam, as the OS has named herself, end up developing a romantic relationship.

A full range of emotion is experienced throughout the film. I caught myself laughing at the awkward moments and playful jokes. I smiled for the moments you could really tell Theodore and Sam were falling in love. I feeling sad and heartbroken when things hit a low.

There are beautiful thoughts about love and life throughout the movie. Little phrases that I’m sure will eventually make their way onto crappy pictures and plastered over the Internet. But that doesn’t lessen that fact that they were there. I left the theatre thinking a lot about my own views on love and what’s important. I feel that if a film leaves you feeling a little uneasy and start questioning what’s around you then it’s a good film.

Even though there are shots about people on the streets interacting with their technology instead of each other that hit a little too close to home, I feel that it’s presented in a positive light. These relationships that are formed between people and their operating system, like Theodore and Sam, is just like any relationship between 2 humans apart from one not having a body. I think this is what speaks to the idea that relationships are really about the connection people make through their thoughts, listening to each other, sharing their lives with each other, and that the physicality of being next to one another is secondary. Think about how many people fall in love online before meeting face to face. Love and relationships are really about the mental connection, which is something that hasn’t been explored in a love story for a while… and who really cares if it’s with a real person or AI.

With that, I’d just like to say: Thank you Spike Jonze, for bring this wonderful story to life. It’s something that the world was missing.


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